The Boulder Thesis – Why is it Relevant to Helsinki?


I must admit, I have really gotten excited about The Boulder Thesis, a concept that is being popularized by Brad Feld, a serial entrepreneur, angel, VC and top entrepreneurial thinker in the US. Watch this excellent video clip, and then buy Startup Communities – Kindle and Audible versions are great options!

It is incredibly relevant to Helsinki in my view, as well as all other emerging tech entrepreneurship hotspots. Without going to a lot of detail, the Boulder Thesis focuses on how current and future hotspots – that are NOT blessed with Silicon Valley’s assets – can create sustainable entrepreneurial communities.

I think that Helsinki has implicitly done a lot of the same stuff Brad talks about, but there are still a number of things to do better. So we have chosen a few nice tie-ins for our inaugural Startup Weekend that tie into Boulder.

Startup Weekend itself was born in Boulder, the brainchild of Andrew Hyde in 2007. See quick Wikipedia history here.
– Part of the team is based there – and have a look at the key people if you want to see a whose who of Killer Entrepreneurship Folks
Icelandair, one of our awesome local sponsors, is giving away roundtrip tix to Boulder to the winning team. Thanks Pekka!
Brenden Chaney, Global VP of Global Entrepreneurship Week, one of the key supporters of SW, will be joining us for the weekend (thanks to another of our great sponsors, the Finnish Consulate in New York, thanks Jukka and Silve!)
– And to cap it off, US Ambassador to Finland Bruce J Oreck, will be our one and only keynote speaker at the closing dinner. Bruce makes his US residence in Boulder -thanks Patrick and Rodney for the assist there!

Please join me and our great list of coaches and organizers for Helsinki’s First Startup Weekend, May 24-26, at Aalto’s brand new Open Innovation House in Otaniemi! Whether you are a business gal or guy, techie or designer, we have a place for you (as long as available space allows!!)
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Will, on behalf of the organizing team!