Startup Weekend Helsinki: Meet the Teams – Saturday


2013-05-25 16.02.26
It’s the second day of Startup Weekend Helsinki. All teams have been formed and now is the hard work time. Today we will introduce a sneak preview to all 14 teams who survived after Friday session and their ideas, although at this stage many of the teams have much more than just ideas! From what I’ve heard some of the teams have already set up Twitter and Facebook profiles for their startups!

SuperCell For Apps – building a community company for app developers.
Woo&Man – transforming couples’ bad habits into good emotions.
PizzaSaurus – changing the online pizza ordering in Finland.
Compass – aiming to change the industry of reading online.
Run 4 ur life – running companion app which actually will make running fun again. “Better run fast or you’ll get eaten”! – telling you what’s happening in town.
Townhike – helping newcomers to plan their time in town, to find interesting spots and services.
Receipt Scanning App – building receipt scanning tool for businesses. – a tracking system that allows developers recieve feedback while developing a website.
Reelbox – gamifying team building in large enterprises.
Gearent – gear renting system that is helping people to find gear nearby.
Local Guides – connecting locals willing to be a guide with people who are traveling.
Rilbits – bringing merchandizing to game.
Instaride – helping to get a taxi on a Friday night in Helsinki.

All of the teams were able to get one-on-one coaching from great professionals as well as to experience real elevator pitch – you only have 25 second while the elevator is going down, if you pitch your idea well you get another 25 seconds, otherwise you will have to use the stairs when going up. For the rest of the day the teams will be working hard and get as much advice from coaches as possible.

Now that we have idea about the teams we can only wait and see who will become the first ever winner of Startup Weekend Helsinki!