Founder2be teams up with Startup Weekend



Startup Weekend Helsinki joins forces with Founder2be, the co-founder finding community active in over 100 countries.

Finding the right team is one of the most important factors for any successful startup. That’s why every Startup Weekend begins with participants forming teams to work on the ideas being pitched for the next 54h.

We are now teaming up with Founder2be to get even more participants to join us for the weekend on Nov 22nd to 24th and turn ideas into projects and startups.

Start looking for designers, developers, marketers and many others already in advance right on the Startup Weekend Helsinki website. See someone you’d like to have on your team? Invite him or her to attend Startup Weekend with you. Or just pitch your idea for others to see and comment on. It’s free to join, so signup today.

Several of the ideas that started out at Startup Weekends already turned into successful startups with team members found via Founder2be. Déjàmor, for example, reached six figure revenues in less than a year.

Register for Startup Weekend Helsinki today. And invite someone else to join you for the event.

swHelsinki team + Founder2be